YTAA presentations with laureate Iwo Borkowicz + conversation with Wang Shu and Paul Robbrecht

Laureate Iwo Borkowicz (2015-2016) will be among the participants in the discussion with Young Talent Architecture Award (YTAA) winners and participants from Europe (Poland, Germany) and Asia (Korea, China), as part of the EYCH and forthcoming ASEM Cultural Festival at BOZAR.

The YTAA presentation will be followed by a debate between Chinese architect Wang Shu (Pritzker Prize 2012) and Belgian architect Paul Robbrecht. The exchange of ideas will focus on the role of cultural legacy in their respective architectural work and discuss convergences and differences in the way European and Asian architects/designers deal with the topic of heritage in their contemporary projects.

The event starts at 19:00 (on Monday 22/10), more info here.

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