Workshop Matters of Abstraction – Call for abstract submission

Workshop September 15th 2017:

Ever since the foundation of Ecole Polytechnique, in the late 1700’s, technical courses played an increasingly important role at polytechnical and technical universities. Rooted in military training, early education at these institutes was built on instruction pedagogies, aiming at uniformity in design and preparing students for an established order. However, as a means to adapt to changes and fluidity, associated with western industrialized societies, teaching and learning has evolved. In these novel developments, attention has shifted to the learning individual that is not entirely depending on an established order: instead of the student’s learning having to adapt to the presented education, education adapts to facilitate the student’s learning. In this learner-centred approach, multiple aspects are addressed, revalued and questioned. Effort is made in teaching to individualize and personalize learning. Learning situations are designed aiming at learning incentives and intrinsic motivation, and valuing formative over summative assessment.

This workshop addresses the teaching of technical courses in an Architecture programme. These courses (on for example construction, structure, building physics and materials) are rooted in the engineering sciences and its more teacher-centred education tradition, while current Architecture programmes rely importantly on student-centred education in their design studios. Adaptation of these technical courses to a student-centred education in Architecture programmes raises following questions …

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August 27th 2017: submission abstracts

September 5th   2017: acceptance abstracts

September 10th 2017: last day of registration

September 15th 2017:  workshop

Admission: Free

Venue: KU Leuven, Faculty of Architecture, Campus Sint-Lucas Brussels, Paleizenstraat 65-67, 1030 Brussels

Organization: Laurens Luyten, Ivo Vrouwe (KU Leuven, Faculty of Architecture)

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