When alumni become our cultural Ambassadors: Didong CHEN’s master dissertation three times internationally awarded

In June 2017, ms. Didong CHEN (China) delivered her master dissertation entitled ‘HUMAN-WATER-ENVIRONMENT IMAGERY FOR THE Y-HELLING: Designing scenographies for spatial rethinking the Dutch ‘Culture of Water’ along and beyond the waterfront of the NDSM Shipyard in Amsterdam” under the supervision of prof.dr.arch. Marc Dujardin (MAIG42-arCsus Lab in close co-operation with RAAAF architects, Amsterdam).

There was no doubt that following her graduation this outstanding project, exemplary for the Faculty’s International’s program of Architecture on “Sustainability” issues, would get international recognition. We are proud to communicate that, so far, she received three international awards in the USA, FRANCE and INDIA:

1.The 11th IDA International Design Awards, Architecture-Conceptual Category, Bronze, issued by International Design Awards USA;

2.International Architecture Competition – Shortlisted in ‘Architecture and Sea Level Rise’ Category, Issued by the Jacques Rougerie Foundation- Institut de France;

3.ACA’s 5th International Design Competition – Winner of Young Architect Category, issued by Aditya College of Architecture, India.

But more importantly, the quality of her master dissertation and international attention undoubtedly facilitated our alumni student to get an offer from both the University of Cambridge and the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, to embark on a PhD track.

Didong finally opted for the latter mentioned University College in London – The Bartlett.

To inspire future designers, her master dissertation outputs are permanently exhibited in the M2M HOUSE (arCsus Lab@Home) research center in Lokeren.

Contact: marc.dujardin@kuleuven.be

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