Universität Liechtenstein starts Cooperation for Design-Based Research in partnership with Faculty of Architecture

Under the leadership of the Institute for Architecture and Spatial Development at the University of Liechtenstein, a kick-off event on 15 and 16 November marked the start of cooperation between four leading European schools of architecture.

The ERASMUS+ project “Mapping, reflecting and developing PhD by design programs” under the direction of Christoph Michels, Assistant Professor at the Institute of Architecture and Planning, Universität Liechtenstein, is planned to run for two years and aims to provide an overview of recent design-based research at European universities, to reflect on their theoretical foundations and research methods, and to develop the prerequisites for specific doctoral programmes.

The EU-funded ERASMUS+ project contributes to the development of new research approaches at European schools of architecture through the systematic preparation and further development of design-based research. The project is divided into three work phases with a focus on “concepts”, “methods” and “curricula”, each of which is led by one of the universities and condensed into a publication at a workshop of the respective university.

With the Bergen School of Architecture (Norway), KU Leuven (Belgium) and the Technical University Chalmers in Gothenburg (Sweden), the University of Liechtenstein has gained three strong European partners for the project. The partner universities bring to the project expertise in design-based research that is unique in Europe and have already successfully cooperated with each other and with the University of Liechtenstein in the past. The project continues this reliable and inspiring cooperation and thus strengthens the European networking of the participating universities.

The team for the Research by Design project ‘Mapping conceptual groundings – Reflecting methodological approaches – modulating PhD-curricula’ consists of Prof. Peter Staub, Christoph Michels,  Prof. Anne Brandl, Dipl. Ing. Vera Kaps, Prof. Dr. Kris Scheerlinck, Prof. Fredrik Nilsson, Dr. Cecilie Andersson and Joakim Skajaa.

Mapping Conceptual Groundings – Reflecting Methodological Approaches – Modulating PhD-Curricula

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