Turncoats architecture debate / The Good, The Bad and the Belgian

Turncoats is an architecture debate which serves to widen cultural discourse around architecture by challenging the conventions of debates –

“Architectural debates are rubbish.We’ve all been there: a panel of similar designers with similar views taking it in turns to talk at length about their similar work – too polite, too deferential, too dull. At best they are lukewarm love-ins, critically impotent, elitist and stuffy. Turncoats is a shot in the arm. Framed by theatrically provocative opening gambits, a series of free debates will rugby tackle fundamental issues facing contemporary practice with a playful and combative format designed to ferment open and critical discussion, turning conventional consensus on its head.”

Following the success of six initial debates in London, the series has gone international with chapters opening in Serbia, Canada and the US with more to follow this year. The Belgian chapter is launching this Saturday at the Design Museum, as part of 019’s Museum of Moving Practice.

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
Elsbeth Ronner
Jan De Vylder
Job Floris
Martino Tattara

019-Museum of Moving Practice
Drabstraat 10b, 9000 Ghent

Free entrance, please register here: http://www.turncoats.world/belgium


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