Theory courses

History and Theory aims to define architecture within a broader cultural, theoretical and historical context of mankind and its world. The course has an interdisciplinary approach towards the phenomena of architecture and urbanism.

Building Technology is crucial to achieving qualitative architecture. The aim is to create sustainable, coherent and intelligent architecture projects with the help of technology.

Building Management covers topics such as law, economy and ethics. Students follow the international evolution of the profession with the aid of case studies, seminars and input from professionals.


Theory Courses in “Architecture: Resilient and Sustainable Strategies”, campus Ghent:

Architecture & Sustainability, Project Management, Sustainable Structures, Ecological Systems, Building Technology Integration, Zero Impact Building, International Electives.


Theory Courses in “Architecture: Urban Projects, Urban Cultures”, campus Brussels:

Critical Urban Theory, Conversion in Urban Contexts, Urban Anthropology, Brussels Seminar, Building Technology Integration, Project Management, International Electives.