‘The Act of Building’ lecture by Nicolas Coeckelberghs, BC architects 2/05

Nicolas Coeckelberghs (co-founder of BC Architects and Sint-Lucas alumnus) is invited for a lecture in the lecture series ‘Emerging Technologies’, curated by Ignaas Back.

2 May 2018, 5pm
Campus Sint-Lucas Ghent, Sint-Niklaasstraat 27, 9000 Ghent (4th floor).

Registration is required. Please register here.

The Act of Building

The act of building is at once action and narrative. It is the complex effort of a timely community to erect its infrastructure, running across classes and skill sets, across materials and technologies. it generates an impact and expresses values and ideas in a wide network around a specific project. The act of building contains the power of change through action, story and result.

At BC architects & studies, we believe that, in order to have a positive impact on society through the discipline of architecture,
we not only need to focus on the design of its infrastructure but will also want
to redesign the process of achieving the infrastructure. We’ll need to experiment within the act of building and with the role each member of a community plays in it. For us, a narrow definition of ‘the professional architect’ no longer suffices; we venture
into material production, contracting, storytelling, knowledge transfer, community organization – and all of this in influences our design approach.

More info on BC architects: www.bc-as.org

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