Interactive collective spaces in the El Chaco communities (Paraguay) – comparative study of the Filadefia and the Kolonie Neuland case
Promoters: Yves Schoonjans & Jeroen Nys (KU Leuven, Belgium) & Juan Cristaldo (FADA-CIDI, Paraguay)

The faculty launches a call for application for a summer school on ‘Interactive collective spaces in the El Chaco communities’ in Paraguay and will select 10 students for this.

The summer school is organized from 03/07/2017 till 14/07/2017, under supervision of prof. dr. Yves Schoonjans.

A grant of 400 euro per participating student is foreseen. Students can validate this in the electives program via ‘Participation in an international project’ (5 ECTS-credits).

More info is attached. Questions? Yves Schoonjans

Application deadline is 23/03/2017!

PS: Do take into account that the faculty will most probably also launch calls for workshops in New York, Thailand, Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Ethiopia in the next weeks and months.

Call Summer School Paraguay (pdf)

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