SUMMER SCHOOL in Kortrijk – August 2017

Shared, collective, public, private.
28th of August till 7th of September, Kortrijk and Ghent (B)
Faculty of Architecture, University of Leuven

Flanders is a challenging territory for designers. Every square metre of it has been cultivated, adapted, designed, constructed. As a result Flanders is a completely man-made inhabited landscape displaying an extreme blend of build and unbuild, of urban and rural, of city and land…. This blend is so strong we call the Flemish context All City/All Land.
In the summerschool we pick up this complexity. Not by working in a traditional urban context but by looking at the blend condition of All City/All Land. More specically we will explore a case in the fringes of Kortrijk, a small city in the south of Flanders nearby the French border.

In this blend condition there are no large figures like rivers or hills creating a landscape. Instead the landscape is constructed by an endless succession of small projects, wherefore each time a ‘customised’ project is made. This addition of designs for market squares, bicycle paths, recreational areas, parkings,… constructs the ad hoc Flemish territory.
Shared, collective, public, private is a research by design going beyond the boundaries of disciplines. Shared, collective, public, private doesn’t deal with traditional oppositions of urban and rural or architecture and planning but instead seeks to tackle design challenges in All City/All Land by a designerly approach.

During a ten day summerschool, students are confronted with this context and challenged to take position. Using the format of an international classroom the summerschool will be a combination of fieldtrips, lectures, design studios, desktop critics and reviews. To enrich the students’ experience, a collaboration is setup with 3 other universities, giving them the possibility to work together with students from Istanbul, Barcelona and Porto.

Aim and final product
The aim of the summerschool is to explore the complexity of All City/All Land , to define the challenges this context is facing and to develop an answer to this by a designed project. This design can have multiple forms but serves an exploration of a possible future.

5 credits can be given when participating the elective ‘deelname internationaal project 2017-2018’

Fee info
This summerschool is free to attend and offers you
– Travel expenses with a limit of €200
– Lunch and dinner during working days
– All necessary materials to work (e.g. printing, cardboard, tracing paper,…)

The summerschool is intended for master students architecture and urban design. Candidates are asked to send a short CV and motivation to and

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