Project field assistent in Brussels

As part of her new research project «Terrorism and the city: affect, space and violence in urban Europe», PhD Postdoctoral Fellow Sunčana Laketa (University of St. Gallen, CH) is looking for a person who would be interested to work as her project field assistant in Brussels. The aim of the project is to investigate affective urban atmospheres/ambiances in European cities struck by the threat of terrorism and a spectrum of different security measures. The city of Brussels is one of the case studies. There, there will be research on how emotions and affect are mobilized in public space by city government in order to manage (implicitly or explicitly) a sense of security and also how different urban publics experience urban space with regards to a threat that is portrayed as increasingly unpredictable.

About the job position:

“I am looking for somebody with a good knowledge of the city of Brussels and its diverse urban publics. Preferably, a long-term resident of the city, French-speaking with a good understanding of Dutch and an interest in everyday life/ambiance in the city in the aftermath of terrorist violence. A familiarity with social science methodology and/or collaborative arts practices is preferable. The main tasks of the assistant will be logistical support for events and field research; aid in interview transcriptions; translations; assist in field research; conduct literature research in Brussels; researching, scanning and archiving literature. The assistant does not have to have a university degree, however a BA or an MA in arts or social science is certainly welcome. The funding does not cover, unfortunately, an MA or a PhD thesis; however, the project and data gathered can be used toward an individual thesis, or a degree, if externally funded.”

About the project: The project is funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation, hosted by the University of Neuchâtel, Institute of Geography. This is a 15% work position for the duration of three years, starting March 2019. The gross annual salary is 8784 Swiss francs (cca 7780 euro), which is 7200 Swiss francs in nett payment per year.


Sunčana Laketa, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow

University of St. Gallen
Unterer Graben 21, room 51-6008
CH-9000 St. Gallen

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