Prijs VAN HOVE awards AARON SWARTJES with second honorable mention

On 22 November 2017 the Van Hove Prize was awarded. The jury, consisting of Belgians and foreigners, nominated 17 designs, including the Van Hove Prize (worth € 3,000) and also gave honorable mentions worth € 2,000.

5 graduates from the Faculty of Architecture were nominated and 3 of them ended up in the top 5 with an honorable mention! Aaron Swartjes, laureate of the international Master of Architecture received the second honorable mention ex aquo for his graduation project ‘Collective Patchwork, Patchwork Collectivity

Congratulations to::

– Hervé Beel (nomination)
– Rani De Backer (nomination)
– Sylvie Cosyns (first honorable mention ex aequo)
– Sylvia Roelens (second honorable mention ex aequo)
– Aaron Swartjes (second honorable mention ex aquo)

In 1982, the UPA-BUA organized the Van Hove award (which is named after the president-founder) for the first time. The prize is awarded to a graduating design and is open to all students who obtain a degree in architecture or architecture-engineering at a Belgian faculty of architecture, during the academic year of the price.

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