Public lecture by PAUL CAREW on performative design 25/04

In the Emerging Technologies lecture series curated by Caroline Sohie, Paul Carew is invited for a public lecture on Environmental Performance as a Design Driver.

The lecture series Emerging Technologies conveys the multiplicity of contemporary narratives legible at the intersection of design discourse and innovative processes of technological practice. Read more.

Wednesday 25 April 2018
Faculty of Architecture Campus Sint-Lucas Brussels
Paleizenstraat 65
1030 Brussels
5.30 pm: introduction by Martine De Maeseneer and Caroline Sohie
6.30 pm: lecture

The lecture is public and admission is free but registration is required. Please all visitors, students, lecturers and personnel register here.


Environmental Performance as a Design Driver
How can environmental performance be brought into the initial interactive and fast moving architectural design stages in a quantified manner that still acknowledges the complexity of issues that need to be addressed? While tools are important and increasingly prevalent, like all tools it is the process that they fit into that is critical – part architectural, part engineering, all focused on understanding the problem. A portion of this process is related to how people simplify context in order to understand it and therefore respond to it. However, often one gets stuck in this simplification and attached to the corresponding proposed solution that is a merely a manifestation of that understanding but too simple to respond to the actual complexity of the context. The correct process and associated tools allows one to push through this trap to recognise a multitude of impacting parameters and can bring some interesting results do not fixate on a single issue. Paul Carew from PJC shares his 14 years of experience in this through a 67,000m2 office building case study.

Paul Carew completed his BEng in Mechanical Engineering at University of Stellenbosch and worked as a building services engineer in South Africa and for Buro Happold in London with a focus on heating, ventilation and air-conditioning. He then attended coursework in Sustainable Energy Engineering at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. After spending a semester lecturing on building physics and comfort strategies at the School of Architecture at Universidade Austral, Chile, he returned to South Africa and founded PJCarew Consulting in 2004. He has developed specific experience for a wide range of building typologies including offices, residential projects, laboratories, schools and hotels in a range of climates from tropical to cold. His focus is on passive and low energy design, thermal comfort strategies, computer simulated modeling, and costing and cost-recovery tools specific to green buildings. Paul has lectured at the University of Cape Town and continues to publish papers and attend local and international conferences. Read more.


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