Open Lecture + Book Launch 15/05

Tuesday 15th May 2018, 16:00-18:00h, A20, 2nd Floor.
Faculty of Architecture, Campus Sint-Lucas, Brussels, KU Leuven

Organised by Petra Pferdmenges and Cecilia Chiappini – Design Studio maib24: International Master of Science in Architecture.

In this session, triggered by two interventions, we will discuss the complex interrelations between provided and emergent elements and rise of new professional profiles.



by Prof. Germán Streckwall, Luján Santos, Priscila Ludueña, Martina Andrade, Emilia Carreiras, Dolores Hotz (Universidad Católica de La Plata, Argentina)

Germán Streckwall and his students will be talking about La Plata City, a fascinating case of a newly created capital in the XIXth Century. They will be discussing a paradigmatic theoretical experiment and its contemporary conditions. Showing, for example, the only built work by Le Corbusier in Latin America: the Curutchet House. Germán is an Architect, and Interior Designer, Director of the Master in Interior Architecture and Full Professor of Design Studio and Theory and Critics, specialized in Sacred Architecture. He is as well an independent practitioner.



by Petra Pferdmenges (Live Architecture, KU Leuven)

How can we trigger Lived Space that expands from the ephemeral to generate a durational impact? In the publication the founder of Alive Architecture offers an insight into several ways we can bring about Lived Space in the public realm. The research-based practice gained recognition for curating the prize-winning Parckdesign 2014: Parckfarm project in Brussels. This book outlines how the innovative practice was founded. It offers concrete case studies for the ongoing discussion about the expanded role of the architect.

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