Open call for tutors – EASA Apathy, Valga – Estonia

EASA [European Architecture Student Assembly] is an international voluntary network of architecture students, whose goal is the free exchange of ideas and cultivate more radical architectural practices.
In 2020 EASA will take place in Valga/Valka, which will be home for 500 architecture students during the two week long summer school.
Split in half by the border of Estonia and Latvia, Valga is far away from of the capitals. Valgas “growth” strategy is strange for the small town that it is. Being aware that the population of the town is shrinking and changes to it doesn’t seem to be in sight, the town seems to be accepting the situation:

“The town should be adapted to the needs and wishes of the current population, to create a more attractive and greener, smaller and more compact town. Some buildings should be demolished, the city center revitalized. The shrinking of the population can be stopped, when you satisfy the needs of the people.”
The following quote has been uttered by Jiri Tintera, the town architect and the mind behind this, what we would describe as  “radically rational” planning strategy.
Small shrinking towns can be found anywhere in Europe, but there is a lot to learn from Valga’s backwards strategy, their state of apatheia.
EASA 2020 will not look at Valga as a periphery to two countries but as a center of region, who has accepted their faith and are thriving with what they have got.

Application deadline: February 25, 2020 – 23:59 (GMT +2)
Dates of EASA Apathy: 23.07-09.08.2020
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