Open call: A Confined Place

In these extraordinary circumstances, we are experiencing the spaces which we inhabit in a unique way. The current Covid-19 crisis may have temporarily limited our activities in physical space, yet our capacity to produce meaningful spaces, that is places, has not disappeared.

We invite you to reflect and share your experience in the confined places –using mixed techniques including texts and storytelling, drawings, photomontages and photographs, audio-visual works and performances– along these two categories:

A- Living in the confined places
The experience of time and space during the confinement: what we do locked in our dwellings – in the rooms, balconies, gardens and rooftops– ; what we discover inside our homes and in the surroundings –the newly discovered aesthetic qualities of the emptied public spaces–; the new communities created in the social networks –sharing skills, knowledge and information, etc.

B- Transforming the confined places
The changes underwent in our domestic spaces as a result of the new ways of living in them: new activities taking place in our homes and neighbourhoods (a dance performance in the kitchen); newly discovered forms of community building in physical  and digital spaces (playing instruments in group; sharing a courtyard as playground);  physical spaces augmented through digital media, and digital media embedded in physical spaces, etc.

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