PhD Research Seminar On Infrastructure and Collectivity

2nd PhD Research Seminar
Monday 4th March 2019 / Aula PFC2 ETSAB
Escuela Superior Técnica de Arquitectura de Barcelona, Universidad Politécnica de Barcelona, ETSAB-UPC, Barcelona, Spain

Laboratory of Urbanism of Barcelona – DUOT – UPC / Urban Projects, Collective Spaces and Local Identities – KU Leuven
This seminar is organized by the research groups to explore various approaches to study or design urban landscapes, focusing on infrastructures, specifically referring to streets, boulevards, highways, ports, bridges, tunnels and their connections or intersections, all operating at the intermediate scale, and their relation to collectivity. This seminar seeks to pronounce critical discourses related to the making of collectivity and collective spaces in a contemporary context.


9:30h: Welcome

10:00-12:00h: 3×30 min presentation of doctoral candidates and following discussion

  • Impact on the Collectivity of Coastal Areas by Improving Waterborne Public Transportation. The revival of the New York City Ferry Service
    Drs. Gitte Schreurs, KU Leuven
  • Salt Urbanity. Conflicts and Sinergies between City and Infrastructure in Port Areas
    Drs. Toni Cladera, DUOT-UPC
  • Sand Cliffs at the Flemish Coast: Stop Wasting Millions of Euros
    Drs. Sis Pillen, KU Leuven

12:00-13:00h: Keynote lecture

  • Prof. Drs. Elena Albareda, European Prize for Urban Public Space (2016)

14:00-17:00h: 5×30 min presentation of doctoral candidates and following discussion

  • The City beneath the Rails. The Potential of the Railway Station Artifact, Case of Skopje
    Dr. Ana Boranieva, DUOT-UPC
  • Impacts of Mega Transport Infrastructures on Land Development: A Case of Bus Rapid Transit investments in Lahore Drs. Ahmad Adeel, KU Leuven
    Esfahan Multi-node Metropolis: Conflicts and Opportunities on Urban Nodes and Intersections
    Drs. Omid Omrani, DUOT-UPC
  • Productive Privately Owned Collective Spaces, in the case of New York City
    Drs. Hannes Van Damme, KU Leuven
  • Studies on the Location of the Collective Facilities in the Space between Cities of the Contemprorary Metropolis Drs. Samuel Llovet, DUOT-UPC

17:00 – 19:00h: Workshop & Conclusions

Prof. Dr. Kris Scheerlinck, Prof. Dr. Yves Schoonjans, Arch. Dr. Erik van Daele, Drs. Cecilia Chiappini, KU Leuven,
Prof. Dr. Carles Crosas, Prof. Dr. Eulalia Gómez, Arch. Drs. Jorge Perea, LUB-DUOT-UPC


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