Conversation series ‘Who will do it?’

‘Who Will Do It?’ is a series of conversations on the potential and urgency of (architectural) education within the evolution of Brussels.
For this series, PILOTBXL (KU Leuven workgroup on profiling the Brussels campus) in collaboration with CIVA brings together three duos of architectural practitioners who, through their projects and attitudes, cast a different light on (architectural) education by hinting at the surrounding network of actors and conditions.

The first conversation between Isabelle Doucet and Cédric Libert (CIVA): ‘Pedagogy Beyond the University’ will take place on Thursday 11.10.18, 7 pm.

following lectures pilot bxl:
Tom Weaver / Véronique Patteeuw (Oct. 18) – Writing Not Typing
Jan De Vylder/Asli Çiçek (Nov. 8) – The practice is the research/The research is not the practice
New location: Paleizenstraat 65, 1030 Brussels)

Note:  the previous scheduled lecture on 25 October (ZUS/Gideon Boie) has been cancelled!

Our (ex) students (Rosa, Anton, Helen, Jochen, Kaat) take the honors for intro, outro and video registration

special feature: 1/33 scale model for a possible future MEUROP, discussion with a drink, afterwards

free entrance, but please register here.


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