Metaforum conversation: Streetscape Territories 7/12

Every year the IRO gets the opportunity to provide a number of afternoon meetings at Metaforum. These talks are focused on a current development issue.

On Thursday, December 7, 2017 IRO member Prof. Kris Scheerlinck enters into dialogue with Anteneh Tesfaye (EiABC / TU Delft) on the following topic:

Streetscape Territories – immigration and urban development in Africa

Location : Cafetaria, Hollands College, Leuven – 12:00-13:00u
(Pater Damiaanplein 9, 3000 Leuven)

A global increase in urbanisation of the world’s population leads to growing challenges of how to sustainably accommodate the rapidly growing immigration to larger metropolitan areas. One of Africa’s largest open air markets, Addis Abeba’s Merkato area, is one such place where these development challenges become apparent. The market combines both formal and informal settings and is a place where production, consumption and storage interact in an emergent way, presenting a substantial part of the local economy. More importantly, it is a main arrival point for immigrants, as its informal productivity allows their rapid and fluid integration in the urban society through immediate employment. This informal aspect, guaranteeing the market’s social capacity, is currently threatened by large scale formal development of the area.
Prof. Kris Scheerlinck presents insights from the ongoing Streetscape Territories project on this area, which aims to embrace its profound redevelopment while maintaining the informal conditions for productivity, so as to guarantee that the area keeps its status of ‘arrival city’. Anteneh Tesfaye (EiABC/TU Delft) offers a response.

You are cordially invited to this interview. You can register here. A sandwich lunch is provided.

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