Lecture by Augusta Hermida: Designing Resilience. Campus Sint-Lucas Ghent, Wednesday May 13th 2015

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Lecture by  Augusta Hermida PhD. Arq., University of Cuenca:


Ideas for transforming Cuenca into a sustainable city.

Room 142 (abbey), 18h (open to all students).


Recently in Latin America the discussion of the city was a field occupied exclusively by architects, planners and engineers, in one hand, and sociologists and anthropologists, on the other. This discussion separated space and population. By introducing the notion of complexity, this duality disappears and reveals the city as a system in constant transformation, where space, people, structures, decisions, water, energy, etc., interact, presenting a series of emergent properties whose behaviour is richer and more complex than the simple sum of its parts. This is the approach that the research group on Sustainable Cities (Llactalab) of the University of Cuenca has taken.

In this presentation, we want to present some ideas for building a new city model, where people and its environment interact as a whole. At the end of the day what we are trying to do is to give criteria to improve and enhance a complex Latin America city, as Cuenca in Ecuador, towards a more resilient and sustainable one.


Augusta Hermida is Full time Professor and Researcher at the University of Cuenca, Ecuador. Director of the Research Department of Environment and Population. Director of the Sustainable Cities Research Group (http://llactalab.ucuenca.edu.ec). PhD in Architecture at the Polytechnic University of Catalunya (UPC). Member of the Advisory Board of the Journal Informes de la Construcción from the Instituto de Ciencias de la Construcción Eduardo Torrojas in Madrid.

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  1. Estimado Profesora Hermida,
    Me encantaría ver esta presentación. Me parece fundamental para las nuevas ideas sobre el diseño urbano sostenible.

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