Lecture and debate with Cary Siress : Mirroring Effects 21/05

Please be welcome to hear Cary Siress talking about his recently published and very important and timely book: ‘Mirroring Effects’ that he wrote together with Marc Angélil.

‘Mirroring Effects’ analyses prevalent political and economic practices concerning environment-making in the contemporary world. Written as real-life tales, the presented case studies explore the relationship between urbanization processes and capitalism. Taken together, the tales narrate the ongoing restructuring of built and lived spaces in highly diverse regions of what are generally referred to as the Global South and the Global North. Whereas the two parts of this volume are divided along this political and economic equator, the stories blur that very distinction, making it clear that the expansion of the free market has entangled developed as well as developing regions to the extent that such dichotomies no longer hold.

The essays chart the course of capital-led development in settings such as Addis Ababa, Mumbai, Cairo, São Paulo, Dubai, Berlin, Paris, and Shanghai.

After his lecture Cary Siress will be zooming in more specifically on the city of Cairo in a smaller informal setting. Please indicate if you want to join here.

  • Tuesday 21 May 2019, 5 – 6.30  pm
  • KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture Campus Sint-Lucas Brussels, auditorium
  • Paleizenstraat 65, 1030 Brussels

About Cary Siress:
Following graduate studies at Columbia University in New York, Cary Siress was involved in teaching at research at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich), where he completed his PhD, and as a visiting scholar at Tongji University in Shanghai. He was a Senior Researcher in Territorial Organization at the Singapore-ETH Centre (SEC) Future Cities Laboratory, based in Singapore. The Future Cities Laboratory develops new knowledge, technologies, and approaches for a sustainable urban future with an Asian perspective. He is currently Senior Research Fellow in Territorial Organization at the ETH Zurich, Institute of Urban Design Department of Architecture D-ARCH.
He was previously a Guest Professor at the Technical University of Munich (2011-12) where he taught an Urban Design Studio “Hard Plan – Soft City” that investigated discrepancies between the ‘city as designed’ and the ‘city as used’.

Tales of Territory
Marc Angélil, Cary Siress
Publisher: Ruby Press
ISBN: 978-3-944074-29-0
Paperback, 960 pages, Jan. 2019

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