Koen De Wandeler was awarded a Bualuang ASEAN Fellowship

Thammasat University (Bangkok) has awarded a Bualuang ASEAN Fellowship to Koen De Wandeler for conducting a transdisciplinary research project on “Design and Development for Urban Crises” over the next two years.

The project focuses on “crises” in the broadest possible sense of the word, ranging from a natural and man-made disaster, shortages in water- or energy supplies, defective infrastructure, as well as conflict- and environment-induced displacement, returning diaspora, conditions of precariousness, neglect and/or repression, etc. It envisages to set up a collaborative project focusing on research and consultation on the role of ADU professionals in urban crises and urban resilience-building.

The project will be implemented as a collaborative effort between the KU Leuven Department of Architecture and the Thammasat Design School. This collaboration will reach out to include a cluster of Southeast Asian partners (universities, NGOs, research institutions, aid organizations, etc.) as well as a variety of counterparts in Europe. It will include a research component as well as an immediate and tangible academic service component that directly benefits volunteers, professionals and organizations that are handling crisis situations in Southeast Asia in collaboration with other networks and action groups.

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