International Conference ‘Cities, People and Places’ – Exhibition and Paper presentation on KUL-UOM Summer Workshop, Colombo

Exhibition and Paper presentation on KUL-UOM Summer Workshop in Slave Island, Colombo by Koen De Wandeler and Annemie Demeulemeester

The exhibition shows the outputs realized during the KUL-UoM Summer Workshop Urban neighbourhood regeneration along Vauxhall Street that Koen De Wandeler and Annemie Demeulemeester conducted with local counterparts Janaka Wijesundara and Asiri Dissanayake between 25 August – 2 September 2018.

The National Housing Development Authority identified this area as part of an imminent redevelopment scheme and was prepared to have an academic workshop discover the architectural, planning and urban design features that support urban community life. In the month preceding the summer school, KUL Master students Costanza Botti and Agathe de Coninck cooperated with students of the Master of Urban Design program of the University of Moratuwa (UoM-MUD) in data mining gathering background materials on the area.  During the workshop, 14 more KU Leuven students and 12 students from UoM-MUD and SLIIT School of examined current urban living conditions in the neighbourhood and elaborated 4 case studies in which they extrapolated current to future living conditions.

The exhibition which is to be highlighted during the inaugural session of the conference, shows the outputs as they were finalized by the KUL students under supervision of Annemie Demeulemeester, after their return to Belgium. The exhibition will also be shown at th KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture later this academic year.

At the conference itself, Koen De Wandeler will present his paper “Extra-curricular, intercultural learning modules on urban layering and the social perception of cities: the case of the KUL-UoM summer workshop on Vauxhall Street, Colombo”.

Venue: Sri Lanka Foundation Institute, 100 Sri Lanka Padanama Mw, Independence Square, Colombo 7

Exhibition: Friday 5 October 13:30 – Saturday 6 October 18:30

Paper presentation: Saturday 6 October, 12:00-12:30

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