Information session on Master dissertation 16-17

Dear future Master Dissertation students,

Most of you will enroll next year for the Master Dissertation design studio. In order to provide you with all information about the way of working, the studio calendar and to inform you about the pool of possible academic promotors that can follow up your research and design process, we organise an information session for you (see below). It is important to assist to this session as the assignation of the academic promotor depends on it (for those who will be abroad already, we will provide an info package via Toledo).
That day, each academic promotor will present the academic framework for research and design -and in most cases a study area- for you to use to develop your project. After that series of presentations by all academic promotors, you will be asked to make a choice of two possible academic promotors (4 for the programme in Brussels, 8 in Ghent), after having an interview with them (that day or the following days) to discuss contents and ways of working. The studio coordinators will then assign an academic promotor to each student, based on your motivation letter for those 2 (equally important, without ranking) possible promotors and on the availability of each promotor (some promotors can only accept small groups). We will ask you to send us your motivation letter and choice of 2 promotors by June 17th (we will inform you how to do this by mail). Before the start of the summer holidays, we will inform you about the final assignation of the promotors. For the students who will spend a term abroad in semester 3 (Erasmus or Intercontinental exchange), the way of working is similar, even if you will work on a site in the city where you will study abroad and not on the site provided by the academic promotor, though still working within the same academic framework he/she provides (you will be in touch with them via skype/mail and before you leave).

In the meantime we wish you a successful end of the academic year and good luck in current design studios and courses!

Martine De Maeseneer and Kris Scheerlinck, coordinators of the Master Dissertation design studios


Architecture: Urban Projects, Urban Cultures, studio maib42

Tuesday June 7th for the campus in Brussels (14h-17h) (1st floor)

Anuschka Kutz, 10 students  PD-r, multiple readings of the urban landscape

Kris Scheerlinck, 5 students   PD-r/ADO, urban projects at the intermediate scale

Burak Pak, 5 students PD-r/ADO, found Space BXL


Architecture: Resilient and Sustainable Strategies, studio maig42

Friday June 10th for the campus in Ghent (14h-17h) (4th floor, St.Nkl.)

Kris Scheerlinck, 12-15 students  PD-r, urban emergent processes

Marc Dujardin, 5-6 students PD-r, social sustainability and architecture

Gisèle Gantois, 5-6 students PhD-r, modest heritage and suitability

Tomas Ooms, 5-6 students PhD-r, architectural concept, materiality and detail

Luc Eeckhout, 5-6 students RbD/ADO, limited resources, re-use and integration

Martine De Maeseneer, 12-15 students RbD, architectural concept, materiality and detail

Ignaas Back, 5-6 students RbD, limited resources, re-use and integration


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