Graduation Projects for Barcelona & Havana

Past academic year 2016-2017, around 25 students of the Master of Science in Architecture at Faculty of Architecture, KU Leuven, campus Sint-Lucas Ghent/Brussels, signed up to develop their master dissertation project within the Streetscape Territories research collective. The International Master of Architecture provided the opportunity to their students to work within several possible frameworks of expertise of design & research, of which Streetscape Territories was one of them.

We initiated the projects by rethinking the concept of Matta Clark’s Metaphoric Void, as we did not start developing the projects by programme, but rather by studying the spatial qualities and their inherent models of accessibility and accessibility in the present streetscapes. We spent lots of time on site in Barcelona or Havana (a few students worked on a site in Cincinatti, linked to a study abroad programme), talking to local stakeholders and professionals, having working and design sessions among our group and invited crit members, …

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