#FREESPACE: provoking different notions of public space, Cape Town, curated by Caroline Sohie

Engagement unfolds around an immersive container installation; a programme of talks, debate and performance, hosted at the Zeitz Museum Of Contemporary African Art (MOCAA) from 17 January 2019. The month-long event, titled #FREESPACE, offers a South African and international audience the opportunity to discuss and engage with the concept of space from a cultural, architectural, urban and personal perspective – space as a resource, and space as a binding medium between people.

Discussion around space is critical within a South African context.  Like other cities, Cape Town is marked by inevitable contradictions and tensions. Contemporary urban dynamics still tend to perpetuate the patterns of a dissented city, with its class, race and cultural characteristics marking the built fabric.  The urban debate around the resource of space is profound as the post-apartheid city struggles with valuing space, in terms of its sustainable use, ownership, shared meaning, and how it can express the multiplicity of evolving contemporary identities.  In response, #FREESPACE aims to create a temporary space of meaningful engagement, disentangling some of the aspects informing the production of space.

Curated by Caroline Sohie

More info: https://www.freespace.events/

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