Field Station Summer School 2016 – Berlin

Field Station e.V. : Summer School 2016
Timeframe 09.09.2016 – 24.09.2016 : Teufelsberg, former NSA headquarter, Berlin

SENSE ADAPT CREATE – Summer School 2016 hosted by Field Station e.V. is the first of a series of informal multi-agent collaborative experiments focusing on Field Station: Theory, Practice and its Basecamp. No more than thirty students are accepted, each workshop is comprised of ten students. Workshops are programmed and supervised by specialized Field Agents working intensively with students two to three days out of the two week workshop period. The Teufelsberg is open daily from dusk till dawn exposing students and their work to the general public, as such guests e.g. laymen, politicians, academics, artists are welcome to propose evening events e.g. food kitchens, performances, talks at Field Station.

Field Station Theory – engages sociology, anthropology, media, science studies and philosophy relating to the Anthropocene’s agents, actors and spatial systems. Students adapt and create critical models and methods portable to Field Station’s study of the Anthropocene.
Field Agents: Matthias Böttger, Nadine Kuhla von Bergmann, Lidia Gasperoni, Isabell Schrickel, Camille Dubois.

Field Station Practice – engages local environmental conditions of Teufelsberg. Students create and adapt remote sensing prototypes (e.g. drones, etc) gathering non-humanly perceivable spatial information or non-humanly negotiable spatial conditions of Teufelsberg. Students visualize collected data and speculate on data networking potentials. The workshop is hands on, multimedia based and hosted in the main hangar of Field Station.
Field Agents: Cornelius Meyer, Sebastian Müllauer, Christophe Barlieb, Holger Prang, Hugo Araujo, Matthias Ballestrem. Guests: Corneel Cannaerts, Sebastian Meier.

Field Station Basecamp – negotiates immediate Field Station e.V. and community demands for additional renewable energy sources, secure shelter and future ideas. Students develop new functional concepts and apply them as one to one case study realisations on Teufelsberg.
Field Agents: Sebastian Müllauer, Christophe Barlieb, Hauke Helmer, Elisa Limberg, Thomas Stadler, Jose Alcocer, Katharina Beckmann.

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