FEBE contest ‘Haal meer uit Beton’

The aim of this competition, organized by the Federation of the Concrete Industry, is to give architecture and architecture students the advantages of prefab concrete in a creative way, with an emphasis on the aspect of sustainability.

This competition is only open to students (with residence in Belgium). They are invited to work out and present their project in teams of 2. When registering, the students also state their faculty (campus), because faculties can also win prizes.

Projects can be submitted until 14 November.


For the students: A trip to San Francisco for the 4 winning duos (2 duos winning the jury’s prize and 2 duos winning the audience prize *)

For the faculty (s): A voucher worth up to € 10,000 for the purchase of lab equipment from partner MACBEN or a Masterclass BIM. *

14/11/2018: closing of the participations!

Registrations via http://student.febe.be

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