David Florez’s master’s dissertation sketch in ArchDaily 80 Best Architecture Drawings!

David Florez (international Master of Architecture) master’s dissertation sketch was mentioned in ArchDaily 80 Best Architecture Drawings! Congratulations!

David’s sketch in the 80 Best Architecture Drawings of 2017

In previous years, ArchDaily published round-ups of our favorite images from their database of selected projects (which they will do again this winter). This year, readers were asked to submit their own best drawings. The response was overwhelming –  more than 1200 drawings were received from the network of readers across the globe, ranging from atmospheric perspectives to interpretive sketches to highly-technical sections.

From those submissions, the ArchDaily team has selected 80 of their favorites, organized into 7 categories: Visualizations, Axonometric – Isometric, Sections, Collages, Context, Sketches and Plans.”

Image © David Florez

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