Call for entries: The Eugeen-Tanja selection #3

Students and teachers of our Architecture programmes can submit one of their studio projects for the third edition of our competition ‘ De Kleine Grote Prijs Tanja – De Grote Kleine Prijs Eugeen’ (The Small Grand Prize Tanja – The Grand Small Prize Eugeen, a competition that aims to promote creativity in our faculty).

The deadline for submitting a project for semester1 is February 15, 2020. And who knows, your entry might be included in our next publication ‘The Eugeen-Tanja selection #3‘, that will appear around December 2020. ‘ … a publication about elementary concepts such as space perception, incidence of light, structure, materiality … but also about presentation, scale, intrigue, beauty, …’. Read more on the previous edition)

All info on how to participate can be found here.

For more information don’t hesitate to contact Sophie Laenen.

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