Call for applications / 25th IFHP Urban Planning and Design Summer School in Finland

This is an invitation for applications to the 25th IFHP Urban Planning and Design Summer School in Finland. We warmly welcome applications from students at all levels of studies, as well as young professionals from all disciplines related to spatial planning. We look forward to receiving applications from urban planners, architects, sociologists, geographers and others dealing with the built environment! IFHP Summer School entitles participants to five study credits (5 ECTS).

The course will be held 5th-16th August 2019. The application period will end April 12th.

The Summer School is based on intensive workshops taking place in two case study cities. Participants are invited to further explore the notions of making, shaping and letting be, as they relate to the agency of urban planning. First, students engage in an individual analytic task and then develop the ideas to an urban planning and design solution as a group work in one of the two case cities. The projects will be developed in a semi-realistic manner, in interaction with practicing planners and experts of planning education and research. In addition, there will be lectures on themes related to the task and a one-day study trip to historic and new neighbourhoods of Helsinki as well as the Suomenlinna UNESCO World Heritage site.

An electronic application form and further information on the Summer School can be found on our website: 

We would like to ask you to kindly pass this message to your students, colleagues and peers. For further enquiries, please mail   

Professor Panu Lehtovuori, Tampere University, School of Architecture

University teacher Tuomas Ilmavirta, Aalto University, Land-use Planning and Urban Studies Group YTK
Researcher Dalia Milián Bernal, Summer School Coordinator, Tampere University, School of Architecture

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