BRICK PLAY – MAP13 Workshop

On Thursday 7 September 2017, Kortrijk Weide launched the art integration project BRICK PLAY, an artistic participation program for thinkers and creators. ‘BRICK PLAY’ is part of the PLAY exhibition, a city festival that takes place from mid 2018 in Kortrijk.
Three architects of MAP13 Barcelona meet in the autumn of 2017 with inhabitants of Kortrijk, students and users of the Kortrijk Weide site.

Together with the Faculty of Architecture (Hilde Bouchez, Tom Callebaut, Klaas Vanslembrouck and Ignaas Back), a series of workshops will feature a playful brick design (specifik to MAP13 Barcelona). In the course of 2018 this BRICK PLAY will emerge from the ground.

MAP13 Barcelona is a collective of three young Spanish architects: Marta Domènech, Mariana Palumbo and David López López. All three have already built a lot of expertise in terms of materials, construction and architecture. They are also connected, as researchers and teachers, to various university architecture departments in Barcelona. With BRICK PLAY they continue working on their typical brick Catalan construction.

MAP13 Barcelona deliberately chooses a participation program with students, residents of the city and users of the site. It’s a warm invitation to THINKERS and CREATORS. The development of the concept phase of BRICK PLAY starts in October 2017 with the organization of the workshops. Beginning 2018, construction will begin.

The workshops will take place (in English) between 12 and 15 October (Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sun morning)

-A maximum of 15 master students from the KU Leuven can participate (architecture or interior architecture)
-Registration is free

Read more and sign up for the workshop:

The 4-day workshop will include the construction of a simple thin-tile vaulting structure that will be reinforced so it can be hung and kept after the workshop.



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