Book launch / Founding Alive Architecture by Petra Pferdmenges 15/10

How can we trigger Lived Space that expands from the ephem-eral to generate a durational impact?

In this publication dr. Petra Pferdmenges, the founder of Alive Architecture, offers an insight into several ways we can bring about Lived Space in the public realm. The research-based practice gained recognition for curating the prize-winning Parckdesign 2014: Parckfarm project in Brussels. This book outlines how the innovative practice was founded. It offers concrete case studies for the ongoing discussion about the expanded role of the architect.

Book launch: Monday, October 15, 2018
Hours: 19:30
Language(s) EN / FR / NL
Place: Kanal
Tickets: Free entry
Organised by CIVA

Founding Alive Architecture
Editions Public Space 
24 EUR

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