BC Architects summer workshops

BC architects & studies in team with Leemniscaat is organizing a Compressed Earth Blocks workshop in Antwerp, from july 10th to July 28th. These are intensive week-long workshop with food and daily lectures on earth construction. The workshop is part of the construction of the first public Compressed Ear th Block building in Belgium: a shared classroom for education on biology and nature in the park of Fort V, Edegem, Antwerp. If you’d like to join,let us know on join@bc-as.org

BC architects & studies is organizing an urban construction camp in Ghent. It’s an experimental format, where you can join in learning hempcrete design and construction. We’ll be doing on-site and prefab production of a modular concept. There is the possibility to camp in Ghent on the site: the Ateliers of artist Pascal Martine Tayou. Check out some more info here and contact us on join@bc-as.org.

BC studies with AST77, Het Leemniscaat, Util, les Argilières Hins is organizing a presentation event of what may be the highest contemporary Rammed Earth wall in Europe. Everyone is welcome on this day, where all team members such as structural engineer, contractor, client, architect, rammed earth expert will give small talks on how they made this unique project to gether. We’ll be demonstrating by hand some Rammed Earth samples also! More info here. Inscribe yourself for free by sending an email to info@ast77.be

the BC architects & studies team,

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