Programme info

Welcome to, the blog for the Master of Architecture community at KU Leuven, Faculty of Architecture, Campus St-Lucas Ghent and Brussels.

With this blog we want to show and share the results of our education and nurture the process of coming-to-understand.

Here you will find news on events, calls, lectures related to the programme, but also the outcomes of our studios …

At the Faculty of Architecture the design courses offer a wide variety of studios from which students can choose freely. Students may also follow studios on the other campus. The design studios are are the core of the programme and provide an interactive and open design environment that accommodates students from around the world.

With the academic year 2019-2020, the design studio landscape is constructed out of 4 (+1) engagements: Urban Cultures, Craftsmanship, Legacy, Mediating Tactics and the Brussels Way. Every master studio is related to one of these engagements. Lectures and an exhibitions will be organised in the context of every engagement. These engagements are organized across our two campuses.

General info on the program and the engagements can be found on our faculty website. Examples of studios from the 2019-2020 programme will be made available soon.

Check the acamedic calendar here.