Change is a challenging prospect as it disrupts our worlds and threatens profoundly engrained claims on livelihood, societal status, comfort, safety and security.
The design studio ‘A BRAVE NEW WORLD’ is a call to cease the fear of change and to embrace it as a positive agent that enables the transition to better futures. Through the lens of uncertainty, different inroads are explored on how reality can be re-imagined with the insight of the present.
For 5 days, an interdisciplinary design platform is created by Caroline Sohie in collaboration with ARUP to provoke informed debate and reflection on the broader societal role of architectural design and gain insight, through international critique and design, in one’s own engagement with a changing reality.
See MAIG14 2018 I 2019 programme for further details.

A BRAVE NEW WORLD is calling for experienced professionals in the built environment to contribute to one or both core components of the programme:

• RAPID -RESPONSE DESIGN STUDIO; The MAIG 14 is turned into a rapid-response design studio, an intensive cross-disciplinary exploration into how change can influence creative output.
A selected group of tutors is called for that can coach / crit / share knowledge to contribute to innovative interdisciplinary analysis and design. Anticipated contribution: either half or full day
• FUTURE VOICES; The programme is looking for individuals that have outspoken views about the societal role of design and are open to share with the students a provocational nugget about how the notion of a changing world is influencing their design or teaching practice. Anticipated contribution: 15 mins presentation, 15 mins Q&A.

The contribution will be featured in an on-line publication, published by KULeuven, Faculty of Architecture.

Studio period: 5-9 November 2018
Location: KU Leuven Faculteit Architectuur, Sint-Niklaasstraat 27, 9000 Ghent

As an expression of interest, please send by 26 October 2018 to Tomas Ooms (tomas.ooms@kuleuven.be):

– A maximum 200-word description of your personal perspective on ‘change and design practice’
– How you would like to contribute: 1. STUDIO and /or 2. FUTURE VOICES
– Bio including your contact details

Please contact Caroline Sohie (caroline.sohie@kuleuven.be) for further information about the programme

CALL: Workshopweek – A Brave New World

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