Team Report of Shenzhen Summer School

Shenzhen : Urban Villages -Releasing the virtuality captured in the Real

International Summer School

Shenzhen, September 7-13, 2019

Organization; Martine de Maeseneer, Asli Cicek, Lilet Breddels and Jeremie Lichtfus

Faculty of Architecture, KU Leuven

Framework of the Summer School
This summer school ‘Urban Villages’ will focus on the rapidly changing urban fabric in Shenzhen, the fascinating New Town in the southof China. Shenzhen officially exists only since 1979, is located in the Pearl River Delta opposite Hong Kong and was long considered thefactory of the world. The city is rapidly transforming from a factory town to a technology hub that is often dubbed as the next SiliconValley.During the timespan of this summer school, the participants will focus on the phenomenon of the urban villages that are currently takingnew shape in the still growing urban fabric. The traditional urban villages came about through the so-called Hukou system that distinguishes the urban and the rural population. Only the urban population has rights to all services from the city and therefor the rural population created and managed their own resources.During the course of this summer school, we will visit architectureoffices, the Design Society and Harbin Institute for Technology.The summer school forms the basic preparation for the Asia Studio maib14 by Martine De Maeseneer that will be offered in the Academic year 2019-2020

Harbin Institute of Technology, ShenzhenLuohu District ShenzhenDesign Society Shenzhen

The summer school will consist of on-site explorative research and fieldwork, combined with reflection moments and working sessions at Harbin Institute of TechnologyArrival: before September 6st 2019Summer school: September 7nd-13th 2019Leaving: September 14th x2019

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