Alumnus Magali Cleemput and Week van het Ontwerpen 2017 (Week of Designing Flanders): a flashback

With three laureates accepted to present at the annual exhibition of the ‘Flanders Design Week’ (Week van het Ontwerpen –W/0) 2018, the Faculty of Architecture ‘continues’ to radiate and publish the high standard of its graduating students.

This may well be a perfect timing to report on the work of previous W/0 awarded students who did not get the attention and exposure they deserved on the Faculty’s website as yet. One of these alumni students is Magali Cleemput (graduation June 2017) who was nominated and finally selected as one of the few laureates for the category ‘Architecture’ of the W/0 – 2017 edition.

Within the Faculty’s International Master of architecture, she developed her master dissertation project under the supervision of prof.dr.arch. Marc Dujardin’s arCsus Lab (architecture-CULTURE-sustainability) in close co-operation with the innovative architecture studio RAAAF from Amsterdam.

The central theme and research question of this particular master dissertation design studio centers around the topic of ‘Diversity, Vacancy & Affordances: Towards spatial strategies that provides handles to rethink both hopeful and seemingly hopeless vacancies”. The project site investigated the former NDSM Shipyard of Amsterdam. Magali focused on re-thinking usage of one of the shipyard’s most iconic edifices: the largest launching ramp referred to as the ‘Y-Helling’ (helling means ramp).

“From industrial footprint to kaleidoscopic space: re-designing the NDSM Y-Helling as common place from the perspective of landscape urbanism” by Magali Cleemput (2016-2017). This project forms an integral part of the wall of fame at the M2M House, home base of the arCsus-RAAAF research modus. For more information contact

Read Magali’s reflection paper here.









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