Spring week – Call for Master students

Dear Master students,

The City of Ghent recently announced that Peer-to-Peer expert Michel Bauwens will be running a 3 month research and participation project in the city of Ghent focusing on the “Commons City Of The Future”. The city of Ghent wants to be pioneer in the approach on a progressive urban policy and therefore has a lot of interest for the shared  city,  shared  economics  and  new  forms  of  social  coalitions.  Since  the  19th century Ghent has evolved into a city where the immigration of workers has determined the urban fabric of the city. This workers’ housing was the foundation of the current urban fabric and it should also be the foundation of the city’s future. The quality of a city is determined by the smallest details of her public and private spaces. The city as ‘The Commons City Of The Future’ will thus be a social structure where living and sharing is an evidence build out of a puzzle of different qualitative spaces.

We could not produce ‘good’ architecture nor ‘good’ urban planning, we couldn’t be a ‘good’ school of architecture, interior architecture and urbanism if we would read this in the press and not be inspired to jump into this adventure. It is a passion shared by architects that ‘the least’ should bring up the most inspiring ideas. We could say that the need of imagination and/or fantasy is a necessary factor immersed in a critical position we all share.

The Campus Sint-Lucas (Faculty KULeuven) is each year working on an  annual project ‘Spring-week’ where all the students architecture and interior architecture from the Bachelor degree are working together in groups of 4 to 5 students creating an inspiring project. This year this workshop week is starting on Monday the 27th of March and will end on Thursday the 30th of March. A total of 800 students will be joining this challenging exercise working day and night to achieve a satisfying result.

As a guest tutor you will be giving input and you will be reviewing some of the groups. During this 4 days workshop we need your experience, visions, ideas, guiding and  much more to bring the projects of the students to a next level, and reaching an inspiring and innovative end result. This end result will be a 120m long scale model (scale 1:10) that will be standing in the hallway of our abbey. This model will show the variation and richness of connecting different ideas in one ‘endless street’. On Thursday afternoon (around 4pm) there  will be  a  final examination  where  some  of the most inspiring projects will be chosen to be presented to the Major of Ghent, the Rector of the KULeuven, the international guests, the national guests and the press.

We hope to welcome you to the SPRING-team and create a fantastic experience together with us.

Please register here in order to participate as a guest tutor in the Spring Week: https://tolapps.kuleuven.be/Tolinto/event/7304997791_gII

Best Regards,

KU-Leuven Faculty of Architecture,
The  Rector and vice-Rector,
The Fragile-team

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