Master dissertation projects 2015-16 per studio


Studio Luc Eeckhout and Sandy De Bruycker (2015-2016 maighent42)


Studio Marc Dujardin (2015-2016 maighent42) Designing for hybridity


Studio Tomas Ooms (2015-2016 maighent42) The Urban Condition


Studio Martine De Maeseneer (2015-2016 maighent42) Szczecin studio – Reshaping Europe


Studio Gisèle Gantois (2015-2016 maighent42) One day walk – heritage studio


Studio Raf De Saeger (2015-2016 maighent42) Oslo studio


Studio Kris Scheerlinck (2015-16 maighent42) Streetscape territories


Studio Kris Scheerlinck (2015-16 maibrussels42) Streetscape territories


Studio Burak Pak (2015-16 maibrussels42)


Studio Anuschka Kutz (2015-16 maighent42)


Studio Anuschka Kutz (2015-16 maibrussels42)


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