1800 euros granted for student projects of studio Campus City Brussels

Within the framework of the Campus City Brussels studio, about 10 students of KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture, Campus Sint-Lucas Brussels, will carry out urban interventions in public space from February 2020 to May 2020. And this within the framework of the CAMPUS 1030 project of the region of Brussels, municipality Schaerbeek that is managed by Renovas. They will build on the work data of the former students of design studio STUDIO 2030.

The main objective of the project is to generate a meeting between several actors: residents, shopkeepers, students, passers-by,… The location was chosen around the CRU site of Renovas in Schaerbeek, where there are 4 schools in the area. One of the possible ideas is to place signage to identify existing places in the neighbourhood, to designate other schools, to generate playgrounds in the public space. In order to arrive at several proposals, the pupils will work in a participative way by meeting the passers-by in the public space. The cargo bike of the campus (Stuvo) will be used to enter into discussion with people, to draw up proposals and to think about the realization.

The project will be linked to the A-PLACE project, which connects networks through artistic actions.
The partners of this project are: KATHOLIEKE UNIVERSITEIT LEUVEN Altering Practices for Urban Inclusion Research Group, + Alive Architecture, in samenwerking met La Salle Campus Barcelona, Screen Projects and FUNITEC – Spain, UNIVERZA V LJUBLJANI and KULTURNO DRUSTVO PROSTOROZ, Urban Gorillas, City Space Architecture Italy, UNIVERSIDADE NOVA DE LISBOA

The studio is set up by Dr. Petra Pferdmenges. Within the framework of A-Place the studio is part of the research of the PhD Student Rosie Romero that is supervised by promoter Prof. Dr. Burak Pak, Co-supervisor and teacher Dr. Petra Pferdmenges.
The subsidy was granted by the region of Brussels within the framework of the participation budget launched by Renovas, Municipality of Schaerbeek.

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